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scalp micropigmentation

SMP offers the supreme hair loss solution for general male hair loss sufferers. Various men suffer from alopecia and scalp scarring – this can often occur from hair transplantation and surgery. Unfortunately the options available on the market are few and far between producing less than satisfying results.

This is where SMP is far superior to any other method on the market offering instant, realistic and permanent results at an affordable cost and price both to your finances and lifestyle. Some treatments on the market can put a strain on your daily life but SMP offers the hassle free solution. Our SMP treatments range from £995 depending on your requirements.

We have non-invasive treatments available for Scalp Micropigmentation at our Glasgow HIS Hair branch. What are you waiting for?

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What is the SMP method and how does it work?

To answer that question, we must take an in-depth look at the process, its methods and its results.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a very intricate and specialised process which results in a very natural and realistic looking form of micro-hairs in the scalp. The advanced scalp application process in which we use – usually over the course of two or in some cases three consultations – normally a week apart from each other, results in what is fast gaining the reputation as “the ultimate solution for hair loss” Alopecia sufferers can benefit greatly from the results and methods of SMP providing them with the look and style of a cropped haircut, no matter what their current hair loss situation is. Many of our patients and clients who were completely bald now have a natural hairstyle and design again – boosting their confidence and lifestyle.

SMP does not involve any physical surgery or the application of hairpieces nor does it leave any scarring or unsightly markings to the head and scalp, meaning you can approach the use of SMP with absolute confidence in both us and the method. The consultations which you would attend will offer in-depth knowledge and expert advice on the treatments and examples of treatments and results. After talking to our skilled and expertly trained consultants you will quickly feel at ease in the knowledge that we offer world-renowned aftercare and support throughout and after your treatment.

SMP is a highly advanced treatment and method that replicates genuine shaven hair follicles upon the surface of the scalp and creates an illusion that you will believe from looking at your reflection in the mirror – that you genuinely have hair where there wasn’t any before. It is fast becoming the next male grooming trend.


STEP 1 Your free initial consultation gives us the opportunity to assess your condition and agree the extent of treatment required. Every client is individual so there’s no set rule as to how many sessions you need. It’s important to stress here that the consultation is absolutely a two-way process – you should ask as many questions as you need to fully understand the process and help you decide if SMP® is right for you. You’ll leave the consultation with a full quote, terms and idea of waiting time for your treatment.

STEP 2 At your first treatment session, we’ll start by taking as much time as you need to establish your hairline. This is done in consultation with your practitioner and you’ll have lots of opportunity to try different positions and looks – to make sure you’re totally happy before we begin. Next, we’ll focus on the pigment tone to ensure it matches your skin and residual hair. We’ll then start your actual SMP® treatment, establishing the first pass and defining the density during this first session.

STEP 3 There is normally a 5- or 7-day gap between your first and second treatment and during this break it’s important that you take care of the treatment you’ve received so far. Don’t worry, we’ll give you full instructions on what to do and not do.

STEP 4 Your second session will focus on providing your full density and look. We’ll take care of any fading that’s occurred following the first session and any areas that need re-balancing or remedying.

STEP 5 The final number of sessions that you’ll need will have been determined at the consultation stage. Most clients require around three sessions, but this could be as high as 5 or 6 depending on your condition. Again, you’ll be given full guidance on how to care for your treatment in between these sessions.

STEP 6 Upon completion of your treatment, you’ll be given guidance on how to take care of your treatment. We’ll also provide you with a 12-month guarantee, which allows you to have one further session at any time within a year of your first session should you require it. (But you’ll probably be delighted with the results and won’t need this!)

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smp & you

SMP has already helped countless men worldwide regain their confidence and achieve a natural looking hairstyle. Rejuvenating and restoring a younger, modern look and style for men of all ages no matter how much or how little hair loss they have suffered. Below is a list of the benefits of SMP.

  • Achieve the look, style and feel of a much fuller hairstyle
  • Reintroduce a realistic and natural hairline to your profile
  • Disguise and cover signs of alopecia and scarring
  • Cover damaged skin and scarring from a previous hair transplant
  • Hide scarring and burns from FUE surgery
  • Distract and cover from any surgical or accident related scarring
  • Cover any birth markings or burns
  • Can work in conjunction with a hair transplant to create more density to the scalp.
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smp & its results

Please see and take a tour through of our photos and images to see the range of tried and tested results from a wide variety of our clients proudly displaying the results and solutions which we have achieved for them.

scar after
James After
Herbert After
Gus After
Gurnam After
Guppy After
Daniel After
Chris After

You will be able to see for yourself the various results for clients with various skin tones from pale white skin to tanned along with various nationalities (which will naturally display various skin tones and colours) you will also see clients with various degrees of hair loss. You should be able to find various skin tones and stages of hair loss which relates to you best and see the results which you could experience for yourself. Whatever your current hair loss situation or your goal at the end of your treatment is – it is both our aim and yours – working together, to achieve you’re desired expectations. We work with you to achieve a natural looking hairstyle which suits you and caters to your needs and expected results. We offer full support before, throughout and after your treatment to guarantee you are looked after throughout the entire process.


the change in lifestyle

A large majority of our clients have come to us from having previously tried and failed hair replacement methods and processes – resulting in them feeling very low and displaying a lack of confidence in their appearance and thus themselves. We have had clients come to us with various forms of and at different stages of hair loss and its not just an age related problem, you may be reading this feeling embarrassed or unsure about contacting us, possibly feeling you are too old or too young or that your particular problem wouldn’t justify such treatments or a professionals time and opinion – if this is the case you are wrong.

We deal with and care for a vast mix of clients, some in their teenage years all the way through middle ages and more mature years; people who have been targets and victims of verbal abuse due to their look which has in turn affected their confidence and moral. Here at His Hair Clinic we ensure our clients get back to enjoying their life and go about their lifestyle in a more confident and vibrant way – restoring their confidence and self worth.

Many clients come to us having spent various sums of money on various failed treatments such as courses of medication, transplant measures and other private practices currently on the market and are at the end of the line in their quest for a solution to their hair loss problem – feeling there is not a solution available to them. All of these problems effecting lifestyle, moral also ends up affecting relationships in the persons life and in some cases leads to states of depression.

Having said all this we fully respect and understand it when new clients come to us not exactly confident or optimistic in what we are saying we can achieve for them and it’s hard to believe the results and success rates in which we show them which we have achieved – but we urge them to find the trust and confidence in us to do just that and restore their own confidence in themselves and in us to help build a trust in our well established and proven methods. To ensure a degree of optimism and trust in what we are offering we allow and urge potential new clients to meet existing and previous clients to see the results in person at our consultations prior to undergoing any treatment to inspire confidence in them and show what we can do for them.

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universally accepted style

Since the later half of the year ‘2000’ decade from around 2010 the cropped hairstyle has grown in popularity and has set the trend for the stylish man about town – being both accepted and embraced within the work and business sectors as well as various famous personalities sporting the look in TV, Film and Media. Sports Personalities like David Beckham and actors such as Jason Statham and Vin Diesel the hairstyle and trend is more popular now than ever with more and more men opting for the sharp, distinguished and sophisticated style.

It should come as no surprise that the SMP treatment that we offer is fully endorsed and recommended by celebrity hair stylist and designer ‘Adee Phelan’ who also sports the cropped style. The cropped style can be seen throughout the business world now with various multi national corporation figure heads and business magnates embracing the style and trend. Whatever your job may be from manual construction and industrial building to board room executives and public sector workers your cant avoid the hairstyle trend that is fast becoming the hairstyle to have – boosting both confidence in yourself and in turn increasing the chances of career prospects and advancement.

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the new way of life

After receiving SMP treatment we always maintain contact with previous and existing clients for a number of reasons, firstly it is an honour for us to know and hear of the good we have done towards a persons life, state of mind and confidence in how they are now able to live their life with a greater optimistic outlook and having the physical confidence to back it up. It’s a positive thing to hear from our clients that they have taken such steps in their life, whether it be changes in their working or family life having the confidence to pursue an idea or a business dream – it’s enormously reassuring to us that our treatment has helped them to take these positive steps and make these changes.

Making people’s lives more positive with a better outlook where it was bleak before.

We often hear from clients that their new found confidence in their new look inspired them to get fitter, join gyms, quit smoking, they found themselves interested again in their style and look – updating their wardrobe with a new style, Treating existing relationships and going into and finding new ones with more confidence and a more positive approach, being more sociable and approachable and thus feeling more respected and improving their self worth, changing career directions or showing ambition to progress in their current job role – but now having the self motivation to do so.

We are proud of our clients and the positive steps in which they often take and carry out after our treatment – it is a two way treatment system and we work together with you to help achieve our goals. All aspects of our client’s life can improve vastly from SMP. As mentioned relationships can improve greatly with more confidence from the results of our treatment and it can be a pivotal moment in an individual’s life with everlasting improvements, the male sex drive is greatly improved with a boost in confidence and it could be just that which may put the spark back into a relationship where it has faded. The improvement in confidence in your person can in turn improve everything in all aspects of your life and lifestyle.

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confidentiality promise

SMP treatment does not regain the loss of hair – it’s more so that the illusion is so brilliantly effective that no one needs to know that you are receiving treatment unless you choose to tell them. Many clients choose not to tell family, friends or associates that they are having SMP treatment even many years after their treatment has been concluded. We offer a fully discreet, confidential service and after care – ensuring that you have all the help and advice you need in order to make the right decisions that suit you best. We keep your treatment and attendance with us strictly confidential.

is smp right for you?

We urge any potential client to get in touch with us to arrange a consultation in order to help them make the right decision as to whether SMP treatment is right for them. Anyone who suffers from or has suffered from hair loss and wants to take steps in order to combat it has a wide range of options available to them from; concealers and lotions to hair transplant surgery and various imitation hair systems.

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A vast number of our clients have come from having tried many of these measures and solutions; much to their disappointment and frustration with the end result. We firmly believe that our SMP treatment offers what no other can and it is a solution that should merit serious consideration over and above many of the other mentioned options on the market. When choosing what measures to take in order to overcome loss of hair, only you personally can do and decide what is right for you.

You should take into account the preservation and on going cost factors which are mandatory with some of the various other options available. Consider what and how these other measures and the steps and stages that come with them; effect you and your lifestyle as you are the one who has to live daily with the decision and route you choose to take from here on out.