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20th September 2018 Chris

Alopecia sufferer Chris used to painstakingly colour in his bald patches for two hours before ever leaving the house. Now he’s benefiting from a permanent solution that’s made life much more normal for him. I’m 40 now and have had alopecia for about 15 years

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“It started off with little patches appearing, which I just used to cover up with eyeliner. But as the condition worsened, the patches got bigger and bigger. I used to have longer hair, then I just shaved it all off. Since then, I’ve been spending a couple of hours every morning trying to colour it in to give a normal appearance. It was all very difficult to manage. I wanted my SMP® treatment to simply give me a permanent hairline, with the patches filled, so I can lead a more normal life and be a lot more confident. Now my hairline has a lot more density, and it’s made my life so much easier. My experience with HIS Hair Clinic has been good – a real benefit to me.”

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